Free Profile Photo Day!

All Kitchener-Waterloo area entrepreneurs, startup founders, students, friends, and family welcome!

I was at an event at the Accelerator Centre earlier today and had a few people asking about setting up a headshot session - and I figured this way the easiest way. 

Here's the deal:
Sunday June 28th from 6 - 8:30pm we will be at our rooftop lounge taking pictures. 
Pick one outfit. 
To keep things simple, solo individual shots are best - though we will do groups of 2 if you ask nicely.
Sessions will last 1 - 2 minutes (which is a surprisingly long time to be standing in front of a camera).
You'll receive the best 1, 2 or 3 shots fully edited, and you're able to use them anywhere you'd like forever. No restrictions.
(Though it would be nice if you tag @taylorjackson if you're posting on Instagram or Twitter - and the Taylor Jackson page on Facebook)

Sunday June 28th 6-8:30pm.
20 Barrel Yards Blvd Waterloo (new Cooperage building near the corner of Erb West and Father David Bauer).
Buzz #1089 in the front.
Get in the elevator and hit R.
Park either in the visitor parking, or at the Waterloo Rec Centre next door.

Our asks:
Share this page with a friend that needs a more professional profile photo.
Also please click attending here so that we have a better idea of how many people are attending:
Not required, but maybe bring us a bottle of wine - doesn't have to be fancy. Red, or white - no rosé.