This is our online film school. In the past we have done both group and one on one photography and video workshops. The one thing we kept hearing back was that wanted something more condensed, and specific to 2 aspects of video creation. They also happen to be two of the most profitable niches in video production.

We've broken our regular video workshop into 4 sections:

  1. Wedding Video - The Fastest, Simplest, And Easiest Way To Create a Wedding Film (Even while doing photography coverage)
  2. Booking More Weddings As A Wedding Videographer/Cinematographer
  3. How To Make A Promotional Video For a Business (Including Audio Instruction)
  4. How To Market Yourself As A Video Production Company

Each of these sections are 30 minutes in length. This isn't a typical 30 minutes of content per section - it is boiled down to the absolute best material. Our issue with a lot of the current programs out there, is that their 8 hours of instruction is only actually 30 minutes of usable content. While we understand that with an 8 or 20 hour course you feel like you're getting more, we just like to be efficient and not waste your time.

The most common misconception is that you need a crew to make quality content.

80% of my video work is done just with myself. This includes pre-production, shooting, editing, and delivery.


My (Taylor's) Story:

5 years ago I started creating videos as way to keep learning. I was already a successful, established photographer that was lucky enough to be travelling the world, as well as working with MGM in Vegas on their new City Center (Aria, Cosmopolitan, Crystals, Harmon, VDara, and Mandarin Oriental)

I was on flights every month from Toronto to Las Vegas, as well as photographing weddings at home almost every Saturday of the year. During the travel time, I wrote my first book, and released my first video courses on the fastest and easiest way to become an established wedding photographer.

This course could have put me out of business. While it was received fairly well received world wide, it was received best close to my home. I started seeing my email scripts, and information duplicated all over my city and the Toronto area.

While these courses have since made a lot of photographers hundreds of thousands of dollars, I could feel a pretty strong decrease in my own photography sales. Clients and couples were no longer comparing apples to oranges, they were comparing a sea of duplicate businesses with the same colour palette and Wordpress theme.  

I realized I had to adapt in order to continue to succeed. DSLR technology was finally to the point that it was usable in a commercial setting. So I began a journey to learn, that in retrospect took way too long.

There were so many tutorials online, but they were all scattered about YouTube and the internet - and nothing just told me the easiest way to go from Point A (a photographer) to Point B (someone capable of creating a world class films and commercial videos)

In 2013 Taylor Jackson Media Inc. crowdfunded just under $18,000 to make our first short documentary. It turned into near feature length and we were able to screen it across North America. It was surreal to be able to draw 200 - 500 people to a theatre in a random city to watch something we put so much of ourselves into. As an artist, it was also absolutely terrifying to sit in the room while it played.

We learned a lot with the experience though, and we absolutely encourage anyone thinking about making a short documentary about something they're passionate about, to start filming it tomorrow.

So here it is:

The easiest way to go from a photography background, into commercial and wedding video production.

The focus of this course is to teach you the most direct way to create a professional product and establish yourself in video production.

These programs are all focused on the fastest and easiest way to do things -- not necessarily the most technically correct in some cases.  

While you can’t expect overnight success, it is realistic to be able to be charging a $3000 day rate within the next 6-12 months.

If you focus early on a commercial niche and build your brand around it, there will be lots of travel opportunities.


Film School / College / University:
The most common thing we hear about those that have spent $30,000+ on a multi year education in the industry is that the most beneficial aspect of it is to be totally immersed in the industry. 
That said, we found that you can just reach out to people doing what you want to do, and ask to hang out/help out. Make yourself available and work for free. Create value when you're on set. 
While maybe you're not being paid, you're also not paying for the education. You're also getting a better, more real life education than school can provide. Remember to send the individuals that help you out nice gifts at Christmas.

All of us at Taylor Jackson Media wish we had a guide like this when we were first getting started in the industry. It would have saved us a lot of money and years of learning on location.
All of these concepts apply to if you want to shoot weddings, promo videos, press kits, documentaries, films, or just great travel videos for the family.

You'll only become a better is if you get out there and shoot.

As always, we offer these videos for a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't think the guides are worth every penny, we will refund all of your money.
There is no risk. That's how confident we are that this series is going to make you successful faster than you ever thought possible.

Thank you for your time and we're excited to see your future video productions!

Take a shortcut and get all the information you need to be successful in a few hours instead of years (like we did)

There's never been a faster and easier way to start making professional quality video content.